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2018 Loss Survey

Swarm Calls

Pawtuckaway - Preparing for Fall / Winter...

Whats New?

  • NH Hive Loss Survey!  Please click here to report the status of your losses for the winter of 2017 - 2018!  CLICK HERE!
  • NHHBDN offers Nosema screenings at no cost. The diagnostic network’s website,www.nh-honeybee-health.comincludes information on how to collect and submit samples.
  • We now have Electronic Payment options for Membership and for Bee School registration!

    *Membership New & Renewals can be completed from the "Join Pawtuckaway" Page!

    BOTH will transact via PayPal, Safe & securely.  Please try them out if you need to sign up for Class or Renew your membership!

Upcoming Events:

  • Sept. 17th - Monthly Meeting 7-9 pm program: What to do with all that honey? What you should know before you do anything. presented by Karen Eaton, Lorry Roy, and Dorinda Priebe 
  • Oct. 16th - Monthly Meeting 7-9 pm

All our Regular Monthly Meetings and BeeSchool 2018 Meetings will be held at the Deerfield Community Church.  Check here for directions.

The Pawtuckaway Beekeepers' Association is a diverse group of people who meet to learn about, discuss and promote all aspects of beekeeping and honey production. We include hobbyist and commercial beekeepers and those who are interested in becoming beekeepers.

Our meetings are held on the third Monday of the month from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Deerfield Community Church, Deerfield, NH. During the summer months we host meetings at various locations in New Hampshire. These special meetings give our members an opportunity to visit apiaries and other locations where beekeeping is an important part of day-to-day operations.

Honey Bee Swarm?

For contacts and resources regarding bee swarms or bee removals, click here.


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Hive Registration

Register your hives with the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture.
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